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Image NFTs: Crypto-art on the Blockchain

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In other posts we have already talked about various aspects within the Blockchain, such as Metacoins, Tokens and other settlers as well as on more environmentally committed issues such as the using artificial intelligence for energy efficiency and sustainability. Today it is time to talk about NFTs and, more specifically, image NFTs. One of the parts of the Blockchain that can awaken our philanthropic side.


What are NFTs?

Non Fungible Tokens, generally known by their acronym (NFT), are digital assets found within the Blockchain. The main difference with respect to the usual tokens (Fungible Tokens) is that they contain a series of validated identifiers within the blockchain that make each NFT unique. To give a more descriptive example, while regular tokens are the products of an assembly line, NFTs are more like the work of an artisan.

Image NFTs are just that. Images that have been generated within the Blockchain and that their acquisition leads to owning an asset that no other person has. It is like owning a painting designed by a painter. Except that it is a digital product rather than something physical. One of the most common questions when it comes to NFT of images is: How much are they worth? Common currencies usually have a stipulated value established within the Blockchain that we can consult at any time. But how do we value something that is unique? The answer is again in art, in the situations that we can find when an artist generates a work of art. The value of something unique is the value that its owner wants to give it.

NTF images

What do we get when we buy an imaging NFT and what is its value?

In the case of image NFTs , the best way to increase their value is when the artist makes a name for themselves through their work, as this will make many more people interested in their collections. However, there are more methods, such as boosting their value through social media or through some kind of fashion. In short, making that NFT image have a story.

It is important to note that when we purchase an NFT image you are the sole owner of that exclusive piece. In no case do we own the art copyright, nor do we receive any kind of physical copy. Owning an NFT image does not mean that no one else can copy it. If someone else copies it, it is just that, a copy. But that should not be seen as a negative thing either, the fact that people copy the NFT image we have acquired can actually add value to our NFT.

It is also necessary to highlight an important fact when buying image NFTs. It is sometimes difficult to find out if the NFT that is being sold to us is a work generated by the author himself or if someone has simply decided to pick up an image from the internet and generate an NTF of images with it. That is why it is always necessary to do some research on the author of the work if possible.

Where can we purchase NFT images?

One of the most popular NFT sites for buying and selling image NFTs (among other types of NFTs) is Open Sea. In addition to being able to buy NFTs directly or through NFT auctions, it also has a free tool to generate your own NFTs without the need for programming knowledge. Foundation is a site that specialises in image NFTs and, like the previous one, also offers the possibility of buying them at auction and direct sale. Two other websites that are highly valued by crypto-art lovers are Super Rare and Nifty Gateway. It should be noted that to buy NFT images you have to use Ethereum wallets to generate them and that the cost for the Blockchain to validate that we are the new owners of this work can be very high. 

NTF image

Finally, it should be noted that imaging NFTs are constantly evolving. Such is the development and growth of the market that a single week of disconnection can make us a little lost in some areas. And not only when it comes to imaging, but to NFTs in general. For example, video game NFTs, which are also booming at the moment.

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