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FS Loyalty

A differential loyalty ecosystem for each client

FS Loyalty is a platform that allows companies to create a loyalty ecosystem with their clients where they can enjoy benefits (discounts or rewards), experiences and products with the aim of rewarding their purchasing behaviour.
Loyalty Platform

Platform adaptable to the requirements of the company leading the loyalty program and the companies associated with it.

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It facilitates the promotion of the company's products and cross-selling between the different associated companies.

Data quality

It allows you to generate income according to the campaigns carried out and the marketing of your products to customers.


It manages multi-channel campaigns with the application of consent policy according to the GDPR.


It allows you to manage traditional loyalty models and multi-brand ecosystems.

Churn prediction

It synchronizes the information generated from the customer's behavior with the rest of the internal organizational tools.

store information

It improves companies' knowledge of their customers and allows the monitoring of user behavior based on internal and external tracking systems (social networks).

Functional Characteristics

Administration Panel

FS Loyalty - Administration Panel
FS Loyalty Platform - Point Management Platform

Point management platform

Online shopping and payment gateway

FS Loyalty - Payment Method
FS Discovery - Multichannel


FS Loyalty

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