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Open sources to manage your business as additional information

Ofrecemos plataformas con distintas funcionalidades para la obtención de información a través de Fuentes Abiertas. Además, te ayudamos en todo el proceso, desde la parte de metodología, hasta la elección de la funcionalidad que necesites.

analytical processes

It helps the analyst to spend less time on the search processes and more on the analysis processes.

Download information

We automate the download process by freeing analysts from the task of downloading information.


It allows the increase of the amount of downloaded information by being able to parallelize the information crawling processes.

Big Data Architectures

It allows to store the information and to be able to carry out later analyses even when the original information has disappeared.

Data quality

It accelerates the reporting process (information dissemination) by helping the analyst with graphics and descriptive analysis of the "social media" reality he is analyzing.

Churn prediction

All the analysis that is made of the sources of information can be made individually or in a group to the different digital sources.

store information

In those analysis processes of digital linkage study, it allows the analyst to discover non-obvious relationships between the different actors of the analysis and even allows the analysis to second and third level spheres.

Intake processes

Given the large amount of information downloaded, the variety of sources and formats used, allows the analyst to have a complete view of the situation being analyzed.

Functional Characteristics

Tracking and Extracting Information

FS Crawling

FS Crawling Future Space Platform
Social Listening
What's being said about me?

FS Social Listening

Who´s saying?

FS Entities

FS Platform Future Space Entities
Advanced digital profiling analytics

FS Suitability


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