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FS Smart Diagnostic

Appraisal of mobile devices

Smart Diagnostic is a tool that allows an expert assessment of the user's mobile device, verifying the state of the terminal (battery, accelerometer, etc.) and the screen using different Machine Learning models.

Pentesting and Intrusion Testing

It minimises the risk of fraud, which is one of the biggest challenges in terms of profitability in this type of insurance.


It allows you to customise the branding of the entity marketing the service, or use an SDK to integrate it into an existing app.

Functional Characteristics

Smart Diagnostics App

Smart Diagnostic
AdminTool FS

App Web Admin Tool

Use cases of the solution

Knowing the status of mobile devices has been a complex task that was usually done physically by having to take the handset to a location for inspection. Smart Diagnostic offers a fully digital and secure solution to know the status of the terminal in seconds.

Make sure while you're running


Aimed at users who buy a second-hand device, it allows insurers to know the condition of the cell phone and calculate a more accurate premium.



To carry out an expert appraisal of the device prior to purchase in order to know the internal and external condition of the device and thus avoid possible fraud.

Smart Diagnostic FS


Allows the use of the device as collateral for service advances or loans to unbanked or prepaid users, allowing remote blocking of the device.

FS Smart Diagnostic

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