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Internationalising solutions, sharing business experiences

Future Space in the international market,distributes analytical solutions based on machine learning and AI, to accelerate the digital transformation of organisations, sectors and business processes, through our network of international partners.

We offer solutions with a transversal approach, so that they bring value to different organisations in two main verticals:

Corporate Solutions

How to accelerate the digital transformation of key business processes?


Human Resources

Social media in the recruitment and talent process

How to levarage social media in recruitment processes? How to accelerate, automate and ensure the digital review of candidates?

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Corporate Security

Social media in access control

How to use social networks in the process of controlling access to the facilities? How to have automated risk alerts on accesses?

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Marketing and Customer Analytics

CRM Enrichment

How to generate incremental revenue from customer micro-moment analytics? How to maximise customer insight through the Corporate App?

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Fraud analytics

Fraud and Risk

Advanced analytics and AI for fraud detection

How to maximise fraud detection in all types of claims? How to implement a fraud detection solution with a positive ROI in the fifth month?

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Mobile Fraud

Fraud and Risk

Remote assessment of mobile devices

How to perform mobile phone assessments and avoid the risk of fraud? Is it possible to ensure the integrity of the screen and the rest of the sensors?

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Marketing and Sales

Contextual marketing and mobile intelligence

How to monetise and generate incremental sales in the corporate App channel? How to have advanced In-app - App Push capabilities?

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Public Administration Solutions

How to apply the latest ML and AI capabilities to research processes?

analytical processes

Research platform

The integration of internal and external sources of information allows for advanced intelligence generation and advanced investigative capabilities.

The challenge is how to generate immediate value from a disaggregated set of data that is not directly interrelated.

Research Platform
OSINT profiling
Churn prediction

Advanced profiling in open source (OSINT)

Open sources allow for in-depth research on people or profiles of interest.

However, sometimes due to anonymity, or massive amounts of information, manually carrying out in-depth research requires too much time and efforts from an analyst.

We rely on the trust of forward-looking partners

Future Space in the international market, has a network of allies and strategic partners allow us to bring our solutions closer to the business needs of organisations in terms of digital transformation.

Future Space in the international market

Connecting experiences, sharing business solutions