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What do we offer?

We accompany our clients in digital transformation processes by helping them build business cases and advising on the best technology to use in each case. We incorporate artificial intelligence technologies in our projects, something that is essential to maintain competitiveness and support them in decision making, and to improve the relationship with their clients.


Data Governance

Data Governance


Analytical models and visualization

Areas of Specialization

Some of our services

We can help our clients in projects linked to any phase of their digital transformation process or in the search for a data analysis solution.
Big Data Architectures
  • We design the Big Data architecture adapted to the system you are considering, to its processing and scalability requirements and to the HW and SW capabilities of each client.
  • We carry out a previous consultancy for the survey of the assets of legacy systems that are to be migrated or that will be part of the final system.
Intake processes
  • We build efficient processes of information intake, unifying the technologies that drive the data from any source to the datalake.

  • We migrate ingest processes that have become obsolete, maintaining the same conditions of security and access to information.
Data Governance
  • We help in the implementation of quality maintenance and data security processes, which can be supported by software tools customized to the particular case of the client.

  • Data modeling, lineage, quality monitoring, definition of roles and protocols for quality monitoring, change control and audits.
Data quality
  • We contrast the data, when necessary, with external sources to obtain a rich indicator of quality.

  • We help monitor data quality and check the rules for completeness, conformity, consistency, accuracy, duplication or completeness.
  • We enrich the CRM by calculating indicators from the customers' fingerprints.

  • We incorporate external sources to obtain new indicators (behavioral or affinity).
Process optimization
  • We obtain the real map of processes based on internal application logs and analysis for the detection of bottlenecks, inefficiencies, anomalies.

  • We create redesigned process simulations.
Predicting absenteeism
  • We develop the algorithms for predicting a company's employee departures, their approximate duration and economic impact

  • We train the algorithms (ML) using data from: economic state of the company, social security contribution, geography, sector, worker profile or turnover.
Churn prediction
  • We develop the model for the daily prediction of the probability of leakage for each customer profile.

  • We train the algorithms (ML) by incorporating external indicators such as the competition.
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