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FS Discovery

The importance of knowing your customers

FS Discovery is a marketing automation platform that allows the development of campaigns based on customer profiles and behavior. It helps us to find the right moment to interact with the customer without interfering with their daily activity (contextual marketing). Technologically it is based on a mobile SDK and Api's for Web, which is embedded in the client's application to provide both information generation and contextual communication, offering an analytical platform and a campaign manager for its exploitation.
Data quality

It allows to obtain a customer knowledge to create marketing campaigns according to their needs and consumption habits.


Reducing the number of messages sent to the customer by increasing the conversion rate through personalized campaigns and promotions.

store information

It is an additional sales channel for companies (new ways of monetization) and very personalized for customers.


It allows to enrich the information of the CRM of the client with the information generated by the platform.

analytical processes

It facilitates the conversion, retargeting, upselling... thanks to the incorporation of Machine Learning techniques and advanced analytics to the marketing automation processes.

Functional Characteristics

Administration website

FS Discovery - Web Management
FS Discovery Platform - Client Profile

Customer profiling

Personalized campaigns

FS Discovery Platform - Device Information
FS Discovery

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