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Research platform for real-time data analysis and pattern search

The research platform for data analysis supports and responds to the needs of different organisations that need to work in real time with multiple sources of information through an integrated modular ecosystem.



Advantages and Benefits

Benefits of using the research platform: SmartGraph

SmartGraph is a collaborative tool that brings together business and technical users to accelerate and deepen investigations without adding complexity.
Background Check

Supporting the analyst with Machine Learning rules and algorithms.


Research graphic dashboard and case management

Intake processes

Automatic integration with open sources.

Process optimization

Solution configurable to different needs and use cases.


FS SmartGraph

Analytical platform that combines graphs and artificial intelligence for the pattern detection in real time. Accelerating and supporting the work of the research team, and generating a collaborative ecosystem between for functional and technical users.
Use Cases

SmartGraph as a differential tool on the market

Below, we present some of the use cases where SmartGraph has become a differential tool.

Intelligence cells, police and military investigative processes

Integral support system for research processes where, through the integration of internal and external sources, it is possible to carry out a centralised management of the different cases as a valuable support for agents, analysts and researchers.
Intelligence and processes
public procurement

Fraud detection in public procurement processes

Analysis of public processes in which, by applying Machine Learning models, advanced graph analytics and open source data enrichment a differential value is created for managing governmental transparency initiatives.

Future Space in the international market

Connecting experiences, sharing business solutions