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Open Source Internet-based profiling research platform (OSINT)

Open sources (OSINT) are increasingly a valuable element in investigative processes to enrich intelligence capabilities and defence mechanisms against different types of threats.



Advantages and Benefits

Benefits of using FS Entities

FS Entities is an open source information extraction and exploitation platform (OSINT) with advanced graph analytics capabilities.

Background Check

Innovative information download technology.


Maximisation of downloaded data.

Intake processes

Obtaining information from hidden profiles and communities.

Process optimization

Advanced analytics to generate digital profiling.

FS Platform Future Space Entities

FS Entities

Open sources (OSINT) offer a search potential for information that we are not always able to exploit due to the quantity and quality of the data (massive and heterogeneous).

By using FS Entities, the data cleansing, downloading and merging processes are performed automatically, optimising resources and speeding up investigations.

Use Cases

FS Entities as a differential tool in the marketplace

Digital profile detection of physical entities

Starting from the information of known people we are able to identify their profiles and relationship footprint to understand digital links and reality.
anonymous profiles
digital profiles

Identification of anonymous profiles

Detection of unknown profiles of interest, generation of intelligence to reach the physical person hiding behind the anonymity of social networks.

Future Space in the international market

Connecting experiences, sharing business solutions