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The digital fingerprint for facility access control

Not only our employees access our facilities, but also customers, suppliers and different services external to the organisation. Social networks and open sources allow us to have a profile of each of them in order to detect possible risks in the access control process.



Advantages and Benefits

Benefits of automated social media profile review

In a few minutes it is possible to have a complete file on the applicant with the risks detected with little or no intervention by the corporate security manager.

75% decrease in cost per profile analysed.

Competitive Intelligence

Speed and efficiency in the automation of the process.

Churn prediction

Automatic risk detection alerts for each digital profile.


Automatic generation of the applicant's final report.

FS Suitability

FS Suitability

FS Suitability automates fingerprint extraction using open source information and calculates a customised risk score to aid access control decision making.

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