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Open source enrichment of customer information for a bank


Banks have the responsibility to have a detailed knowledge of their customers' profiles, verify identities or reduce fraud, but also to improve their product/service offering by adjusting it to the customer's needs according to their moment in the life cycle. This information can be obtained and improved with public information available in open sources.

A bank wanted to generate successful campaigns for its clients, but did not have enough information in its databases and therefore considered enriching it with information available in open sources on the Internet.

FS Loyalty Operator

Open Source Services

A service is carried out with the periodic sending of the information downloaded and processed automatically from open sources, in this case from Facebook and Twitter, about the customers of the entity's database.


The indicators that were generated in this service, given that the final clients had given their consent, were the following:
FS OSINT - Data Quality


FS OSINT - Customer profile
FS OSINT - Entities

Open source enrichment of customer information for a bank

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