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Some Dangers of the Internet that you should know
cyber security

Some dangers of the Internet that you should know about

Cybercriminals continue to innovate and try to deceive the user in multiple ways due to the dangers of the Internet. The motivations they have are very varied, although mainly there is the

telework safely
cyber security

15 Recommendations for safe teleworking

Telework has gone from being something "residual" to being present in many companies, including in Future Space where we know that a series of factors must be taken into account


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Quality and enrichment of the data, establishing the basis of your business

Webinar on strategies and techniques to improve, contrast and enrich your data with our Big Data and Analytics Manager, Iván Avilés and our BDM, Esteban Calzas

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Smartgraph: The graph-based analytical platform


Smartgraph: The Platform for Network Data Analysis

Smartgraph is a graph data analysis platform that works with real-time information and can be used by both business users and data analysts.

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