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Generando desinformación con ChatGPT
artificial intelligence

ChatGPT Generando desinformación con la IA de OpenAi

Hoy en FutureBites nos preguntamos si podríamos generar desinformación con ChatGPT. ¿Nos acompañas para averiguarlo? ChatGPT es una de las últimas tendencias que están arrasando en la red. La IA

SNA and SOCMINT, the class of 3B
Graphics Analysis

Social Network Analysis y SOCMINT: la clase de 3ºB

In past posts, such as the OSINT case on Twitter, we briefly introduced ourselves to how our environment defines us and affects us. We were able to see that you can find out who forms

Using OSINT to investigate the Fingerprint
Digital Footprint

Using OSINT to investigate the Fingerprint

OSINT for researching people on the Internet Today and every minute that passes, millions of data are recorded and uploaded to the web, whether on the Internet, Deep Web


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Quality and enrichment of the data, establishing the basis of your business

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Smartgraph: The graph-based analytical platform


Smartgraph: The Platform for Network Data Analysis

Smartgraph is a graph data analysis platform that works with real-time information and can be used by both business users and data analysts.

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