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The 5Ws of document analysis
data analysis

The 5Ws of document analysis

What? In this article we will draw on our own version of the 5Ws (or the 7 circumstances of Hermagoras of Themnos) to give a high-level answer to some of these questions.

Text analysis Knowing a document without reading it
data analysis

Analysing documents without reading them: 10 use cases

There are many scenarios in which we need to know a document, but cannot or do not want to read it. Possibly the most obvious one is to get out of doing a text commentary on

Coffee with IOT: Descriptive statistical parameters I
data analysis

Coffee with IOT. Chapter 4: Descriptive Statistical Parameters I

After the previous chapters of A Coffee with IoT (Chapter 0: A Recipe for Insider Hacktivism, Chapter 1: NiFi Streams, Chapter 2: The Raw Data, and Chapter 3: The Data in the Wild), the following chapters are now available.

Coffee with IoT, See all data
data analysis

IOT coffee: see all data in a graph (Chapter 3)

After the previous chapters of a coffee with IoT, Chapter 0: A recipe for internal hacktivism, Chapter 1: NiFi flows and Chapter 2: Raw data, today

Coffee with IoT: The raw data
data analysis

IOT coffee: The raw data (Chapter 2)

After the previous chapters of a coffee with IoT, Chapter 0: A recipe for internal hacktivism and Chapter 1: NiFi flows, today we will talk about Chapter 2: The


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