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Fraud prevention and detection as an element of cost-effectiveness

Fraud prevention and detection is one of the strategic priorities for insurers in order to control the associated costs, to have a clean portfolio and to be able to cope with improvements in market prices.

Nowadays, insurance prices are increasingly competitive, with very tight proposals in terms of profitability. In order to be able to face this scenario with guarantees, it is necessary to be able to reduce as much as possible the unnecessary costs associated with fraudulent assumptions and inefficiencies in the detection, investigation and recovery process.


Fraud analytics

Advantages and Benefits for Fraud Prevention and Detection

Benefits of applying Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence models

Average actual fraud recovery data: 80,000 euros per month in home insurance. Medium-sized European insurer.
Digital brand monitoring

Increased detection and recovery rates.

Data Governance

Inclusion of open sources to improve detection models.

Churn prediction

Simplicity for the investigation of fraud scores received.


Cleaning up the customer portfolio and improving the customer experience.



Analytical platform that combines graphs and artificial intelligence for the detection of patterns in real time. Streamlining and supporting the work of the investigative team, and generating a collaborative ecosystem between functional and technical users to improve the search and detection of fraud.

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Fraud prevention and detection as an element of cost-effectiveness

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